Ooh La La, Look at Me!


September 2018

The real magic lies in Angela’s mash-up of styles, textures, and patterns. Although she gravitates toward a tranquil base, she adds a riot of color with throw pillows, linens, rugs, and artwork, which can be changed easily. “Decorating is a balancing act,” says Angela. “Our home is part mid-century modern with a pinch of industrial chic and African infusion. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


April 2018

“I am definitely a maximalist when it comes to planning the elements in the space. In my home, every single wall is painted. Then I layer it on with patterned curtains, a patterned rug, and decorative pillows. But I edit my designs and try to put in just enough pieces, so the rooms can breathe, pieces can be moved around, and the space is flexible for entertaining or simply letting my five-year-old play around in the space.”


October 2017

So her mom, Angela, a designer, created a playful room with lots of floor space. Brooklyn’s top demand, says Angela: “She told me, ‘I don’t want it to look like a boy’s room!”