Father’s Day is literally right around the corner, and if you’re like me you’ve been secretly trying to figure out the perfect Father’s Day gift this year. Since my daughter is pretty young and not the best at keeping secrets yet, it’s up to me to do some investigating on finding the perfect gift for my husband this year.  


I know he loves electronics, but let’s face it these days, who doesn’t want something with wifi and bluetooth capabilities?  Well I decided to reach out to Home Depot for some help this year, and rounded up 5 tech-friendly gifts that Dad is going to love, and you’re gonna want to use all the time because they make major home improvements to your house, too.

Kitchen- Samsung Smart Refrigerator in Stainless Steel  

A pretty annoying and common question that happens in my house around dinner time is, “What’s in the refrigerator Dad, and what are we going to eat?” I feel like my husband has to go foraging through the refrigerator to find all of the ingredients for the night.  There are a lot of discussions around when are we going to upgrade this fridge. Well ta-da, here is the dream fridge. The Samsung Smart Refrigerator is much more than a big metal box to hold food.  Forget about the magnets and the chalk boards to write down the entire family to-do list, this refrigerator has you covered on all fronts.  Where do I even begin to talk about all of the bells & whistles. There are three cameras that let you see what’s inside the fridge without ever having to open the door. Your smart screen can pull up recipes to help assist with the ingredients in your fridge. It can connect to your family calendar, and it responds to your voice so there is no need to type in the grocery list, just tell it what you need. This is the type of Father’s Day gift that the whole family can enjoy. But if Dad is questioning whether or not this gift is really for him, remind him the screen can also be used as a TV and he can watch whatever he wants.

Patio-Traeger Grill & Smoker

It’s less than two weeks until summer, and now is the perfect time to grill.  But grilling is so much more than just plopping some meat on the hot racks. We all have a family member (usually Dad that we trust with this responsibility) to make sure we eat well cooked, juicy meat.  Dad is normally hovering over the grill the entire BBQ to make sure the burgers are flipped at just the right time, and checking that the roasted vegetables are browning just right. To be honest, Dad misses most of the fun because he’s manning the grill, until now.  

In comes the Traeger Pro 575 Wifi Pellet Grill and Smoker.  This is so much more than just a grill. I mean where do I even begin to talk about all of the bling that this grill comes with.  First of all, the grill has smart WiFIRE technology, which means you can set the temperature from anywhere. That’s right, no more feeling for the right temperature with your finger tips, you can digitally tap in your desired temperature or if you are on your way home, you can have the grill fire up remotely from your phone with the Traeger app (I know, what?!?) This grill burns on real wood pellets, so your food gets that nice smokey flavor, and it cooks faster than a traditional grill.  Lastly, if you feel like you are out of ideas of what to cook on the grill, no worries. The Traeger app has you covered with loads of recipes to try out on your new grill.

Bathroom- Home Netwerks Stereo Speakers Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Have you ever thought if it was up to your Dad there would be a speaker in every room?  Well, here’s to getting Dad a little closer to his dream with the Home Netwerks Stereo Speakers Bathroom Exhaust Fan.  Yes, every bathroom needs an exhaust fan to keep air moving so we’re not stuck with the funk of wet smelly towels. But what if your exhaust fan could do so much more, like have a bluetooth speaker to pump out your favorite songs while you are in the shower, and also give you more overhead lighting with an LED light? I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of bringing my phone into the bathroom to play tunes because of all of the moisture, and speakers sound terrible in the background to the sound of a shower. But no more worries with this baby, you can play your tunes or even meditate or listen to the latest TED talk with this smart exhaust fan. Get your day started off right!

Living Room-iRobot Wi Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

Nobody likes to vacuum. This is definitely a job that all of us would gladly give over to a robot. So if your Dad is the clean freak in your house, constantly trying to vacuum up all of the kids’ mess (yeah and your mess too), then help him out with this iRobot wifi connected robot vacuum.  Dad is going to absolutely love this gift. Vacuuming can finally become stress free. All he’ll need to do is set-up the app, tell the robot which rooms to vacuum and its off.  If you’re feeling a little stunned by the sticker price, don’t--this vacuum is worth every dime. Think of it as an investment to end all of those arguments about who’s turn it is to vacuum the living room today and for years to come. This vacuum moves gracefully from carpets to hardwood floors with no problems. Not only that, this robot is so independent it can dump its own dirt. I mean talk about a smart household cleaner, this is a big time saver for Dad, who can now sit back, relax and just enjoy the day.

Front Porch-Ring Doorbell

More and more packages are being delivered to our homes, and a peephole and doorbell just aren’t doing it, mostly because we’re never home.  If your dad is tired of sending packages to his job or a back door because he’s worried about something getting swiped, well no need to worry anymore with the Ring doorbell. This is so much more than just a doorbell with built in video surveillance.  It comes with an app so you can be connected at all times to your home.  Some of the great highlights of this device is the two-way voice conversations you can have between you and a visitor, and everything can be monitored and saved if your neighbor says one thing, but you video records another. It’s great for peace of mind while you are out, and Dad will have a lot of fun making sure that your home remains safe.  

Okay so if you have a techie Dad in your house like I do, then head over to Home Depot to pick up one of these goodies. Also don’t forget these types of Father’s Day gifts actually add quality of life to your home, and make the day-to-day chores practically disappear so Dad has a lot more time to do the things that he actually wants to do.


Do you remember what it was like when you went on road trips with your parents as a kid?  There were no tablets, you complained a lot about are you there yet, and then eventually you started making up some pretty weird games in the car with your siblings and a couple of pennies and dimes (well this was definitely my experience).

These days, whenever we take a road trip or are headed to the airport its become a no brainer to grab the tablets, the nintendo switches, and press play on TV screens so you can travel in peace and quiet. But as we learn more about how much screen time is actually good for our little ones, you quickly realize that on a road trip your kids are binging on tech.  Plus, the weirdest thing happens when you try to take those devices away from kids. They turn into little monsters who have major temper tantrums and their attitudes get real turned up.  SO to avoid all of that nonsense, I have partnered with five awesome companies to do a giveaway of some great alternatives to devices that you can play with your children on your next vacation.  

Quote by Anne England, Co-founder of Favor

Quote by Anne England, Co-founder of Favor


I know you’re thinking well of course we pack toys, but it's almost way too many and a few of them inevitably get lost on each trip. What if you could have a toy like this wooden hand held game, where all of the buttons actually work?!  The goal of the game is to get all of the hoops through the spikes in the middle. There are so many reasons to love this toy. First, it’s a great way to wean kids off their tablets, and it's probably the toy they’ll grab for first thinking it is a tablet (haha, you tricked them good this time).  Secondly, the retro vibes of this design and the compact size of this piece makes it easy to bring along on a trip. And if you’re like me and you are tired of toys being made of plastic and who knows what else, this toy was designed in Japan with beech wood and non-toxic paints by the company kiko.  

Quote by Quarto Kids

Quote by Quarto Kids

Activity Books

Traveling with an activity book is a lifesaver. In my experience, the right book with a new game on each page can distract my child for hours, or at least until snack time.  So the next time your planning to pick up an activity for your next trip, check out Quarto Kids. On the Plane activity book is just right for the next time you go jet setting.  This activity book works for a wide spectrum of age groups, and has pretty durable pages so bring on the markers. It’s so much more than just puzzles and connect the dot activities; your kids also learn fun facts about how airplanes operate, there is a diary to chronicle their adventures, and design their own passport.  

Quote by Matthew Goins, Found of Puzzle Huddle

Quote by Matthew Goins, Found of Puzzle Huddle


When you are on a long flight, an activity for both the kids and you is always a good puzzle.  Pull down the tray (permitting you have enough space if the guy in front of you hasn’t gone into a full recline), and begin to strategize together to solve it.  I’m a big fan of Puzzle Huddle because their puzzles come in a range of sizes. You can get a small size 14 piece one that’s easy for on the go trips all the way up to XL sizes.  More importantly, at Puzzle Huddle their puzzles focus on images of people of color (which is a huge opportunity in the commercial puzzle market today). It is exposure to imagery and play that we can all benefit from on a trip.

Quote by Kerry Stokes, Found of Calhoun & Co.

Quote by Kerry Stokes, Found of Calhoun & Co.

Playing cards

There is always time to play cards when you’re traveling, especially at the airport when you’re waiting to board with kids.  You will absolutely fall in love with these Always Play Nice (please) playing cards by Calhoun & Co.  The cards’ modern illustrations are a much needed update to the old-school deck of cards we played with as kids (Remember the stoic king and queen, why can’t they smile and enjoy life a little!?!)  Also, the joker cards have been replaced by dogs. Plus, there is a cool tropical design on each card that really cements the idea that you are on vacation, and it's time to just sit back and relax. With one good deck of cards you can play an endless amount of card games like spades or go fish and begin to teach them some serious strategy moves. Or in my experience, they can teach you the game of how to pick up 52 cards in a short amount of time over and over again.  

Quote by Ashley Aikele, Co-Founder Bravery Magazine

Quote by Ashley Aikele, Co-Founder Bravery Magazine


I know that whenever I go on a trip, I make sure to pack all of my interior design goodie magazines like Elle Decor & HGTV magazine. But I rarely have a magazine for my daughter, that is until now.  The Bravery magazine focuses on strong female role models that are great for any kid to read and play with on a trip. This magazine is so much more than just reading stories about heroines of the past and present, there are also fun DIYs and activities to do that go along with the theme of each issue.  This is a carry-on that you can make room for on every trip.

Traveling is a time to be unscripted, the daily routine of school is done, so it’s time to spend some quality time together.  So if you liked what you saw, and you want to take all of these items home before your summer vacation, well then sign up for the giveaway which ends Monday, May 27th at midnight.  To be considered for the giveaway you must follow all of the above websites on Instagram, and tag a place that you want to travel to this summer.

AuthorAngela Belt