Ron Adkins is a Director, Producer, and Screenwriter entrenched in the ethos of Black culture and storytelling. He colors outside of the lines of genre and race, yet stays true to his artistic roots. His first break came in 2005 as a videographer for 50 cent. This lead to him directing music videos, capturing some of the most iconic faces within the music industry. Continuing to chase this utopia of creativity and innovation, he began his transition into the Television and Film world by writing and directing his first short  ‘Bodega Series’ based on a family ran bodega in a gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood. It received positive reviews and toured the film festival circuit. While continuing to learn the trade, he worked on the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Mr Chibbs’, a candid, raw look at New York City schoolyard legend and former NBA All-Star Kenny Anderson. As well as working on ‘Day After Valentines’ a Cannes Short Film Selection. In 2018, Ron partnered with award winning filmmaker Joseph Doughrity, in acquiring film and TV rights to ROCK ‘N’ ROLL VICTIMS; THE TRUE STORY OF ‪ A BAND CALLED DEATH, a proposed mini series about a group of three Black brothers from 1970s Detroit playing what was soon to become Punk Rock. Ron also has several other projects in the pipeline and has partnered with top tier producers to bring them to fruition. In addition to his work within the entertainment industry, he donates his time and effort into working with inner city schools in Harlem, New York and South Central, Los Angeles in creating curriculums around digital media, entertainment, and film.  


What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

In the context of the United States, I believe that it is necessary to celebrate Black History not only for a month, but on going as the triumphs of people of African descent can be acknowledged. US history is often framed as a story of European immigrants leaving Europe for the Americas in search of a land they can call their own. While this is true, this narrative overlooks the history of other races in the United States such as the African as well as the Indigenous.  Black History Month in my view, is a way of ensuring the experiences of African Americans in the United States are never forgotten, or at the very least, not neglected.

Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Create This Year?


Finding inspiration is easy for me…God is the alpha artist and designer so inspiration starts with him first. I have always had a healthy diet of art, design, music and photography that inspires me to design and create. I've been inspired by the works of: John Coltrane, Nas, Takashi Murakami, Spike Lee and countless others.

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