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Lamont Leak is a Television Producer and Event Curator from Detroit Mi. Currently he works as a leading Casting Producer for NBC’s The Voice where he's spent the last 4 season's helping to find diverse musical acts.   Apart from the Voice, Leak's career portfolio extends to Casting and Producing Music programing for networks such as MTV, BET, and other platforms alike. In 2016, Leak founded TheLivePlaylist, a indie music concert platform that has grown to provide performance opportunities for more than 100 artists across the country each year.  

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What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

This year to me it means highlighting the accomplishments of my peers and young Black Entrepreneurs that are out here making history. Too often we spend all of our time promoting ourselves and personal endeavors, so this year I would like use my platforms to do the opposite, and promote others.

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Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Create This Year?

This year my inspiration comes from within. Last year, I spent a lot of time chasing trends and producing projects that I believed would have the biggest financial reward. However, that approached left me drained especially as the workload increased. What works for me now is exploring the things that I’m passionate about and creating from that place. Apart from that, traveling is also a big inspiration for my creativity.

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