sk.ArtSpace, located in Brooklyn NY, is an up and coming art gallery and creative hub for local emerging artists and creatives. Founded by best friends Jarryn Mercer, Melissa Sutherland, and Symone Wong, our mission is to encourage and provide opportunities for local creatives and lovers of art to indulge in the culture and expand on their individual crafts. Through sk.Artspace, we focus on fostering community engagement through eclectic and unique events. Our most popular and well attended event is a series called “Last Saturday’s” where we host a monthly art show on the last Saturday of every month. Through these series we are able to connect the local community with emerging artists and further the narrative that art is obtainable, profitable and important in the Black community. In addition, sk.ArtSpace provides a quality space for artists who wish to expand their network and present their art work in a traditional gallery style.

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Sk.ArtSpace opened on June 16th, 2017 and plans to continue its impact in the local community. Our initiatives include hosting an annual “Future is Female” (FIF) event that will focus on programming related to women in the arts and entrepreneurial industry. As women of color, we want to provide opportunities for our cohorts to network, learn, and support one another in a fun and interactive way! Sk.ArtSpace will also be creating a members only community for NYC creatives who need support in the areas of work/creative space, expanding their network, and access to an inventory of materials and supplies needed to expand their particular craft. Through these initiatives, we will continue to uplift and provide opportunities for local creatives and artists, particular in the Black community. Sk.ArtSpace will continue to work towards being a staple and trailblazer in the Brooklyn art scene.

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What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

Black History Month for us is celebrating and sharing new artists and creatives with the world and particularly with the Black community through our creative platforms.  It is a time to appreciate and honor our history, culture, and continuous contributions more intensely than we have throughout the year. It’s also a time where we come together and share experiences and support each other. We look forward to contributing to the history of our people that will continue to strengthen and inspire our youth for generations to come.

Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Create This Year?

A lot of our inspiration comes from communicating and interacting with everyday people in our community.  Artists and other creatives alike possess so much passion and it is truly motivating and inspiring.  A lot of artists in New York City often work several jobs and wear many hats in addition to focusing on their individual crafts.  Their drive and tenacity is very inspiring.  We also gain inspiration from exploring different communities, traveling, and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. What’s great is that we all have different experiences and come from different backgrounds, so when we combine them, it’s magic.


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