Culturefit clothing was established in 2018 by a collective of West African women. These women saw a need in the activewear industry to create workout gear with Black and brown women in-mind. The creators wanted to take traditional African textiles from countries like Ghana and Nigeria, and then re-image them in bright, feminine colors that felt more modern. This activewear was made to be both functional and for all body types. The founders of CultureFit are of West African descent, and their team members are from all over the world, working together to live #theculturefitway.


What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

This year we want to focus on educating the world about Black influence, and how we can create mainstream brands that tell a cultural story. We want to incorporate our culture in our products in a way that is inclusive, and has a global feel. We want to make sure we’re telling our West African story through Culturefit, and showing everyone our global approach to design.

Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Create This Year?

Right now we’re focusing on the African diaspora, and looking at how we can show through our brand that we are all connected. When we initially started with the design concept for Culturefit clothing, we began with traditional prints that we know resonate with people and are recognizable. We focused on Ankara and Kente cloth patterns, and then worked together to decide how could we make these patterns have a modern feel. For instance, Ankara fabrics from Nigeria are typically bold and colorful prints; so we decided to play with the color palette by using grey and purple to give it a more modern vibe. We also focused on Kente cloth (another popular African textile) from Ghana that is traditionally shown in gold, red, and black colorways. We decided to add pink into this pattern for a more feminine touch.

Lastly, we are really inspired by women, specifically curvy women, who want to feel sexy in their athletic gear. We have really focused on creating activewear that you want to wear after the workout, we created tops with breathable fabrics, and shapes that flatter a curvy body type. Moving forward we are looking to continue our growth in the activewear market, and also offer larger sizes in the future.

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