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Nikki Cade is an artist and maker based in Dallas, Texas. Her unique approach to art and design has opened the door for collaborations and features with companies like Anthropologie, Oak & Moss Home, and Design Sponge.  Nikki’s work focuses on creating what she describes as “forever art,” high quality pieces that should be purchased heirloom quality investments. She also focuses on creating one-of-a-kind custom pieces for the home through commissions like mural installations and paintings. 

Six years ago, Nikki quit her day job and began building her life around art and travel.  In her travels, Nikki has discovered new influences and redefined herself as a nomad.

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What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

For me, growing up with Black History month was something we recognized at school, but it wasn’t something that was a focus at home. As an adult it’s a lot less about celebrating Black History month, and more about focusing on being Black 365 days a year.  Through social media, I have been able to tap into more global connections with Black people like myself who love yoga, art, and a yearning to travel. I understand and appreciate why we celebrate Black History Month, but I am much more focused on the present. What are we collectively doing right now as Black people, and where are we going in the future? 

Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Create This Year?

I try to stay away from trends. If I pay too much attention to them, I feel like I am inauthentic to myself. I meditate everyday, and it opens me up to new ideas, and I try to stay in that head space. I do look at other artists work for inspiration, but I don’t draw directly from their work; a few people that come to mind for me are Justina Blakeley, Aurora James (I love her vibes), and my mentor, Mati McDonough.  

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