My name is Amber Guyton, and I’m the designer and blogger behind Blessed Little Bungalow! I’m a South Carolina native and was raised in Pineville, SC by my mother along with my older sister, and I lived next door to my maternal grandparents. After I graduated from Cross High School, I attended college at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, majoring in Advertising at their School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Over the next few years, I worked in advertising sales in Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA, and then earned my Master of Business Administration from the University of Georgia. I moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2015 to continue my career in marketing and product management at a Fortune 100 financial services company. Though I’m climbing the ladder and successful in achieving my professional goals, my creative bucket wasn’t completely being filled. After purchasing my second home, a renovated 1940s bungalow that I fell in love with at first sight, I moved in the same day, I closed and decorated the entire house within a week. When my family and friends came to visit they encouraged me to “do this for real”, meaning putting my creative talent from childhood and love for interior design to use. So with the intent of only starting a blog to share my love for inexpensive home decor, travel, DIYing, and showcase my new home, Blessed Little Bungalow was born in 2016. BLB has since blossomed into a blooming business, connecting my faith, passion and creativity with amazing people everyday, and it’s been such a blessing.

What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?


Black History is so important because it runs through my veins. We have such a rich history and culture that should be learned, taught and celebrated all year long. I think one doesn’t truly know their self until they know their roots and where they came from. So I make a point to celebrate Black culture at all times – whether it’s through my family reunions, serving with my Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; or participating in the largest march in the country right here in San Antonio, honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I see it as a personal responsibility to those that have come before me and the future kings and queens of our incredible lineage. 


Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Create This Year?

I find most of my creative inspiration in the environment around me. Whether it’s during my personal travels to Europe or Africa, or a walk down the street in my own neighborhood. Having lived in the South all of my life (South Carolina, Georgia, and now Texas) the architecture, culture and people are what inspire me the most. I believe one’s home should be a reflection of who they are, what they believe in, and what brings them joy. It’s been my privilege to pull those elements out of my clients with every project, and transform their spaces into a sanctuary of their own. 

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