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Picture by Nicole Young



I'm Ronni the artist behind Ron Nicole.  I create what I love to call florally inspired fossil reliefs using plaster and concrete. For as long as I can remember, I've always had a connection with nature. Although I grew up in a concrete jungle, nature is very good at peaking through the cracks. Even as a young child, I was drawn to them.  I experimented with so many different mediums searching for a perfect way to expose all of their intricate details.  My floral obsession took me on a journey that would eventually lead me here, doing what I love.

What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?


Black history month is such an exciting time of the year, where we as a nation actively celebrate our contributions and accomplishments of those that have and will continue to pave the way for us. My only wish is that Black history would be celebrated all year. Not with flashy parades or anything like that (although I wouldn't be against it), but with a required school curriculum that teaches the history of slavery through a factual lens vs the watered down one in the textbooks. A reformed system that frees our Black men and women from modern day slavery. The removal of racist legislation and policies that keep those at the bottom at the bottom. Retribution for the cruelty that America has and continues to place on us. I want to see more of us in front and backed financially, whether it's TV, business, community rebuilding, better schooling, wealth management, etc. I want less gentrification and more community investment. Amazing things happen when support is provided. I mean look at the movie, Black Panther and how much it grossed.  Bigger budgets mean more worldwide recognition and awards. It means more elite sponsorships with our faces on the front that changes the narrative, which trickles down in ways that some might not even imagine. We've come so far, but the work is not done. We are just beginning. With young activists like Rachel Cargle and Shawn King I’m looking forward to our bright future.

Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Create This Year?

Well, that's easy…Nature.  This year I will be taking more trail walks and traveling all over the country working with other florist and those in the industry to discover new flowers to create my art. Last year I worked my butt off, but this year I want to work less so I can explore and experience more. I’m hoping to create personal connections with my community who inspire me every day. 

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