Laura Tully is an expert wardrobe stylist, blogger and professional model. Her passion and infectious energy allow her to connect with her clients beyond the perfect outfit—through style, she helps each client celebrate individuality in a modern, refined way that fits their lifestyle. Laura has been featured in Sunset Magazine and Belong Magazine, and consults with corporations to develop their company's professional image. As a wardrobe stylist, her goal is to show clients that style can fuel real confidence and be delivered in a fantastic outfit that’s all you. Laura lives in Boise, Idaho with her mountain man hubby and adorable stepdaughter.


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What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

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The culture of fashion and style continues to be stuck in a “one-size-fits-all” mentality when it comes to body shape and skin color. I've witnessed a small shift in acknowledging this issue, but only on a micro scale. For me, there’s so much power that comes from seeing images that not only represent what I look like but also allow me to see what I can become. As a black woman, I don't want my natural hair or skin color to be a trend that gives cultural giants a check-the-box-and-we’re-done mentality. It's about acknowledging that black women exist and that our desires and expectations are as diverse as we are. In all the areas I find myself stepping into, I will choose to be an advocate for women of color and all backgrounds, who demand a seat at the table because they have earned it.

Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Design This Year?

In so many places! I'm inspired by Hiplet. It's this beautiful bend in the art of ballet created by the work of Homer Hans Bryant. It reminds us that you can create and infuse all that makes you unique into whatever space you desire. I'm inspired by brands like Aerie, Target, Nike and Dove that show women of color and celebrate our beauty. I'm inspired by the bravery of activist Tarana Burke’s #metoo movement and the need to openly discuss and dismantle cultural norms about gender and sexuality, violence and even sexually charged so-called humor. I'm mostly inspired by the women I meet every day who are driven to show up and do their part in how we change this world--and that's a beautiful thing.

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