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Nicole White is the president and principal designer of Nicole White Designs Interiors, a full service design firm based in South Florida. Nicole has been voted among the Top 25 Interior Design Firms by the South Florida Luxury Guide.  She has been featured in Domino Magazine among the 47 inspiring designers of color to follow, twice noted as an emerging designer to watch by the Black Interior Designers Network, and this year became the first black interior designer to have a featured vignette at the Design on a Dime Miami Housing Works AIDS charity event. Her work has been published in various national, local print and digital magazines including Better Homes and Garden, Ocean Drive, HGTV Online and the Huffington Post. Nicole who shares the behind the scenes details of her designs on her blog LiveLaughDecorate is also a brand ambassador and influencer with noted brands including The Home Depot, Purple Drywall and City Furniture.

Nicole and her team are dedicated to transforming the spaces and lives of our clients' homes and businesses. Known for her renovation prowess, she cultivates intimate and long-standing relationships with clients as they design for the varying stages of their lives, and often spend years working on various projects throughout her clients homes, businesses and vacation homes. A Jamaican native, Nicole is deeply inspired by the music and the bold colors and textures of the Caribbean, and constantly fuses those elements throughout her designs. When not dreaming up new design plans, she enjoys traveling the world, sipping copious amounts of wine and sampling great food at some of South Florida's best eateries. Her favorite moments involve reading and playtime with her 6 year-old son Xavier, a budding artist and storyteller who already has the travel bug.

What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

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 Black history month has had special meaning this year as we’ve seen a tidal wave of resistance to political, sexist and criminal injustice in an era when we thought we’d moved beyond all this. We've seen women of all races finally have their stories of sexual harassment believed! How incredible has that been to see some of the most powerful men toppled because of those voices and to think it was part of a movement started quietly ten years ago by Tarana Burke, a black woman.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Create This Year?

 When I moved to the US in 1992, I was an immigrant lost in the hustle and struggle of NY and really just utterly bereft about my decision to move to the United States. I was broke and struggling to pay for college and Maya’s, Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now, helped steady my very rocky ship. I read that collection of essays cover to cover every day as a reminder to stay the course. That it was okay to start over again and again if you had to, until you found your way. She was a fierce woman who just lived her life. It’s a treasure of a book and one I still keep on my nightstand, as a reminder of how far I’ve come and how far I still have to go.



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