I’m a self taught interior decorator living and working in Harlem. I enjoy mixing bold colors with layered patterns and textures to create spaces that are, elegant, unexpected, and tell the story of their occupants. I have a background in fashion and beauty and often look to both for inspiration. I love to incorporate African textiles and accessories into my designs as a cultural nod to  our ancestors and to share the rich history of artistry to runs deep in the continent.  Being a native Guyanese, I think also informs my work in the use of vibrant hues and natural materials. I moved to New York in 2009 and this amazing city has been a constant source of inspiration and uplifting for me ever since.

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What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

This year, what Black History Month means to me is “hope".  While we very much continue to struggle with issues of race in the US and abroad, I do feel optimistic for positive change. It’s inspiring to see people (not just people of color) organize, come together and stand against racial injustice and inequality. There’s a movement in our communities and in our country that has not been seen since the civil rights movement. Some might argue that this rise is due to the fact that the current climate necessitates it. But whatever the cause, there are individuals who are dissatisfied,  willing to stand up, and want to  initiate a revolution. We have still a long road ahead of us. But if we lose hope, then we stop believing that we can influence change. “We must be able to accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”. MLK

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Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Design This Year?

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I find quite a bit of design inspiration from traveling. Being able to see firsthand the amazing wonders and people of this planet is awe inspiring. I make it a point to always bring back items that I can use in my own home or pass along to clients. I’m endlessly inspired by the traditional dress and craftsmanship of indigenous/native people. I love intricately designed and richly colored textiles and accessories which can then serve as the jumping off point for a design.  I also love to follow designers that are innovative and fearless in their work-Sheila Bridges, Corey Damen Jenkins Ron Woodson, just to name a few.

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