Riche Holmes Grant is the founder, designer, and Chief Mom behind BambiniWare, a lifestyle brand for moms that designs stylish, functional accessories for the adventures of motherhood. Inspired by her experience as a new mom, Riche founded BambiniWare in her basement while her daughter, Riley, was sleeping. When Riley woke up, she served as BambiniWare’s first fit model. Just a year after its inception, BambiniWare was hand-picked by Martha Stewart to partner with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in the highly-curated Martha Stewart American Made Market.

Passionate about living and working on her own terms, Riche also blogs, speaks and hosts a web series geared toward women and moms who want to live fulfilling, happy, perfectly-imperfect lives. #TheRicheLife show is a mash-up of everything Riche does in her roles as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, designer, maker, home chef, blogger and all the beautiful parts of her life that make her super rich (pun totally intended!).

Riche is a graduate of Columbia Law School and Brown University. She lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband and her daughter (now a 5-year-old #miniboss).


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What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

When my daughter started attending her school two years ago on February 1st, I was shocked to learn that they don’t celebrate Black History Month. It’s an Afrocentric homeschool collective, and I thought that surely Black History Month would be a huge deal. Except it wasn’t. Instead, every day is a like a mini-Black History Month there.

Students as young as two years old learn about the rich history across the African Diaspora as a part of their daily lessons. It’s really amazing and beautiful and inspiring when you see Black history taught as a way of life, instead of crammed into 28 days out of the year.

So, this year, that’s what Black History Month means to me––it’s about sharing our experience and encouraging other families to think outside of the month too. And, the best part is that it’s my daughter (now 5 years old), not me, who is leading the charge.


Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Design This Year?

As a self-taught designer, the learning curve was steep for me, but I wouldn’t go back and erase any of the challenges that I faced in the beginning. Now, five years later, I’m totally in my element. I love being in this creative space, not only when it comes to designing products, but with what I’m doing with #TheRicheLife show as well.

For so long, I thought everything had to fit in its own little neat box when it came to my life, my career and my family. It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I realized that living my richest life meant getting rid of the boxes. Everything in my life is so beautifully connected now and I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been.

It’s through this lens of organic connectivity that I draw from all of the different facets of my career and my everyday life as a wife and mom to produce content for the show. From designing a fabulous tablescape, to creating a vision board, to making family-friendly body butter or whipping up an easy meal that tastes great, it’s all there at #TheRicheLife. It’s the most I’ve ever revealed of myself, and that’s a little scary, but at the same time, it’s very liberating to be inspired from within.


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