Teri Johnson is the creator, host, and executive producer of Travelista TV, an online video network with a focus on travel, culture, lifestyle and entertainment.  Known for her spontaneity, jovial personality and her ability to present travel and lifestyle advice and experiences to all demographics, Johnson is recognized as a global travel expert. Her commercial appeal has lead to national advertisements, web series, and online campaigns with FordHonda, and Choice International Hotels.

Johnson is also the founder of the Harlem Candle Company.  A business which grew out of her passion for crafting artisan candles at home. Exploring the rich history of the Harlem Renaissance, Johnson named her collection after icons like Josephine Baker and Duke Ellington. With such a clear focus, Teri pursued a manufacturer and developed a team in the US to produce the Harlem Candle Company that you see today. 

Currently, Teri works with hotels and destination venues to create videos that explore the people and culture in countries all over the world.

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What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

Recently out of all of the years, this Black History Month means the most to me.  I am ambassador for the Harlem Renaissance through my brand the Harlem Candle Company; by educating the consumer on the Harlem Renaissance like talking about Josephine Baker and how her story is still relevant today I am participating in Black History everyday. 

This month also means celebrating Black culture today, and being in touch with our ancestors and what they did like Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Frederick Douglas.  Lately, I’ve been experiencing and watching documentaries and learning from their resiliency and seeing how it translates today. I've been thinking about words from Frederick Douglas,

Be not discouraged. There is a Future For You...The Resistance encountered now predicts hope...Only as we rise...Do we encounter opposition

and the message to continue to resist and then seeing those same phrases being used today to protest this current political environment.   We have to keep resisting against the hate of this administration, and keep pushing forward. 

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Where Are You Finding Inspiration To Create This Year?

My travels have always inspired me.  Traveling is more than just something I like to do, it’s necessary for me to create and to see other cultures and new experiences.  I have been to 66 countries, and at this point it's more important to me torevisit them; its not about the number of places, but its more about going back and re-exploring a place from a new perspective. I love traveling to a place I've been to before and then go to another area of the town and stay in a new hotel or try a new restaurant.

I’m originally from Texas, and next week I go to Mexico. This was the first country I visited, and returning to it now is really special to me. Plus, I love the food and the culture, so I am sure to comeback with some great new ideas to share. 

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