Anthony Lavell -the man known as Lyriq-  is the owner and part design genius behind the luxury lifestyle brand, VERSTEAL ANTHONY. He is maker of luxury, sayer of phrases, writer of lyrics, and grabber of life.

Anthony was born just outside of Washington, D.C. in the city of Alexandria, VA on January 28, 1986. A product of public housing, his parents taught him early what it meant to work hard, be creative, set goals, and meet them. He knew that by getting an education and working hard, he’d be able to accomplish any goal. He had a passion for writing that was encouraged by his grandmother, hence the nickname Lyriq.

While attending Virginia State University, Anthony had his first opportunity to showcase his lyrics in a public environment. That moment fed his desire and allowed a creative spirit to flow. That same creative spirit led him on a path of design. It started as a small capsule collection of jewelry which he named AMBITION. With the success of that company, Anthony became inspired to grow, and with that growth came change. He realized that he had to rebrand which allowed him to honor two important people in his life, his grandfather Versteal and father Anthony; thus creating VERSTEAL ANTHONY.

What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

BHM is a time to acknowledge the harsh truth of racial inequality, social, economic, and political injustices...all the while celebrating the accomplishments of our ancestors. For me, this is a time to be reminded of their sacrifice and use it as fuel for continuous growth of the community.  This photo reminds me that ANYTHING is possible! 

Where Are You Finding Inspiration Today To Design This Year?

I find myself getting inspired in so many different situations. I could be listening to a song that I hadn’t heard in ages where I’m reminded of a certain style. Having a conversation with a friend or even a stranger regarding color, trends or brands. When it comes to the topic, I could really go on and on, but I think most of all I am inspired by quality and creating a final product that my clients will love!  Above are a few of my inspirations!

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