We truly believe that everyone should live beautifully...not just aesthetically but in all aspects of life.

Nile Johnson Interior Design (NJID), strives to create moments through our custom interiors, that are layered with thoughtful and personal elements.  We strive to touch the heart and soul of our clientele.  We live for curating a space, and producing products that are distinct and timeless.  

Nile Johnson, BS is the Design Principal & Creative Director of Nile Johnson Interior Design.  His work has been featured by HGTV, The Huffington Post, QVC, and throughout the interior design industry.  Nile holds a bachelor's degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and received his Masters in Interior Architecture from Chatham University. 

He is an adjunct professor faculty member in the Interior Design Department at two local colleges, and a member of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID).


What Does Black History Month Mean To You This Year?

This year Black History Month means more to me than ever before. With such significant figures as the Obamas leaving the White House after an eight year run, I think it's imperative to recognize the kindness, grace, and humility in which they maneuvered throughout the past two terms.  It is also equally important, that we relish in their accomplishments, using them as motivation to stand on their shoulders to reach even higher, dream bigger, and stand taller. It's more importantthan ever to remember, reflect and honor black history, and to also be immersed in the movement of making black history ourselves.

Where Are You Finding Inspiration Today To Design This Year?

The main inspiration for my projects comes from the heart.  I am always motivated by the feeling one gets seeing their space completed for the first time, or how they will react to the design board because it encompasses everything they wanted to articulate (aesthetically) but couldn't.  These days I am finding additional inspiration for my projects by taking staycations.  I'm a hands on person, and I learn so much better when I can experience things in person.  By taking short getaways to a great restaurant, coffee shop, a used bookstore,  or even staying in a unique boutique hotel I force myself to relax and immerse all of my senses into my surrounding environment.  On each trip, I pull from whatever emotional and visual connections I can to inspire me for my next project.

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