Here is the behind the scenes set-up of AphroChic for the Maison et Object show in Paris, France. We were a team of three: Jeanine Founder of AphroChic, Bryan, husband and Co-founder, and myself, sister and stylist. It was a family affair.  We started out with a 16x16 square foot space, the intent of installation was modern, simple, and clean lines.  Jeanine chose white bookcases, white walls, and simple white frames and hardware to present the product.  The main reason we chose all white elements in the space, is that the AphroChic collection is rich in colors and patterns, and to ensure the product was the main focus, all of the other elements were silenced with simple lines and a white color pallette.  In less than 24 hours, and several trips to IKEA, the space was complete.  



AuthorAngela Belt