Last Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure to meet Etsy store owners and enthusiasts in the DC area. I have been a long time ETSY buyer, and it was such a pleasure to have face-to-face interactions with so many store owners. This meet and greet was just the beginning for ETSY events in the district. On September 18th at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, there will be an all day business seminar for ETSY shop owners to help manage and grow their businesses!

Below is a list of ETSY store owners that I meant, and I would love for you to check out their shops:

1) That Clever Clementine

2) Fleeting Stillness

3) Rebound-Designs

4) Pomp & Pride

5) M Blanchard Designs

6) Erin Elizabeth

7) Your secret admiral

AuthorAngela Belt