Last weekend we had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot at BOA and Tara's home in Brooklyn.  Jeanine, Felicia, and I started once again at 7:30A to pick up some cut flowers in Brooklyn Heights, and then grabbed some yogurt and chai lattes from Starbucks.  After that, it was time to work!

BOA, Tara, and Rothko (their very cute dog) own a stunning 900 square foot condo in a three story building in Bedstuy.  The condo is railroad style with a rooftop deck. The home owners are both buddhists, and this feeling of calm and relaxation is felt as soon as you enter their home.  The bedroom has floor to ceiling black damask wall paper, and above BOA's bed (which she designed) hangs a Mega Nelson saucer pendant. BOA is well versed in interior design, since she has worked in the industry for over a decade in various roles including buyer, visual and stylist. Not to mention, she is a furniture designer!  Tara is also a Senior marketing manager in digital design, so her eye for color and texture is woven throughout the house. This home is truly a marriage between two distinct design styles coming together. This photo shoot was a pleasure to work on from start to finish with BOA and Tara.

AuthorAngela Belt