Today, I wanted to share you with you some behind-the-scenes info on Aphrochic's first of fifteen photo shoots. These photo shoots are focused on Aphrochic's first book on modern, soulful style. Jeanine and I started bright in early in Brooklyn at 7:30A to pick up fresh cut flowers and vegetables from a local Korean market in the area. After that it was two cups of chai lattes, and we were off to work at Melene's beautiful home in Bedstuy. 

As the stylist for this book, my focus was to ensure that the rooms were beautiful with a homely feel to the room settings.  A key focus of Modern, soulful style is to find interiors that are contemporary in style and are also lived in.  Malene's home absolutely exudes this feeling with her teal and lavender stained wood floors and an array of colors bouncing off the walls.  She has a great mix of old and new furniture that make this space not only intimate, but also personalized with Malene's touch.  

Leon and Bryan work on the videography side of the project. They focus on the behind-the-scenes footage of each photo shoot. They also colloborate on an interview series with each home owner to discuss their process and inspiration to decorate their homes.

Here is a photo of Jeanine selecting some beautiful hydrangeas, and mixture of other colorful flowers to add a little pop to the home owner's interiors.

Here is Felicia Shelton, the photographer for this book capturing some elements from Melene's home.  Felicia spent almost an hour or more in each room setting to capture the right shots for the book.

Leon Belt doing some videography of the built in shelves in Melene's kitchen.


AuthorAngela Belt